Note: We had a problem with a php trojan, using us as a relay. Due to this we have disabled php entirely for now, until we have the time to figure out how we got infected by the trojan in the first place.

You should probably change your password since we cannot guarantee that the attackers have not used this to download the database with hashed passwords. We’re sorry if this have caused you major trouble.

Dear Damnationers,

Due to recent months inactivity, and the significant cost of renting server hardware (and not nearly enough donations to cover) - I have decided to finally end the service contract after over 5 years (!) of operation on the 31/1 2017.

What exactly will happen to the server itself is not entirely decided. But the most probable thing is that we finally lay it to rest since nobody is really playing anyway.

As promised from the very start, at the very least all the public server maps will be made available (details forthcoming). We’re considering to share more or do another solution (possibly a home server), and we’ll keep the website alive (although the hack we suffered really made things a big mess). Watch this space and below groups for updates and announcements, we'll start sharing files soon™.

Damnation and the community will live on as you make it, please feel free to come by, share memories, hang out and play other games with us at these places as well:

Thank you all for this time and love, we had a great run together 2011-2017!

OriginalMadman & Faua

UPDATE 2017-02-04: Most of the important and player-built survival and creative worlds are now available for download at

We're still cleaning up the complete set of server files, including bungee, all subservers, plugins, settings and remaining worlds, so you could run your own damnation server. We'll let you know when that is ready.

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