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Our RPG server combines elements from roleplaying video games and tabletop games to provide a unique RP experience. The server is open to all accepted members, regardless of rank. With four kingdoms in the world, citizens and leaders can choose to cooperate with others or seek to destroy. Our custom world is brimming with adventure and opportunity. You can choose your own class, build or lead a kingdom, and battle fearsome monsters! How you choose to play here is entirely up to you! Since this is a Roleplaying server, there will be DM (Dungeon Master) events where some change will happen to the world. Most of these changes will be permanent and some of them may destroy what you have created.

Fair Warning: Nothing but chests are safe on this server. If a meteor comes and hits a town, buildings may be destroyed without compensation. Chests are the only things that will be spared.

You can play casually and take advantage of the adventure OR you can take advantage of the roleplaying elements of leaders, citizens, governments, and competing kingdoms - that's the beauty of roleplaying! The purpose of this server is to create an interactive environment of friendly competition, where players can collaborate with or conspire against one another.

Interaction is the Key!

The server has been constructed with a variety of RPG features like kingdoms, classes, jobs, bosses, building, rare items, and exploration. Though we've tried to keep the gameplay simple, to ensure you get the most out of your experience, there is some information that you should know more about before diving into the server. Click the buttons below for more information about rules, gameplay, and forum discussion!

RPG Rules

RPG Gameplay Information

RPG Discussion Forum


You only need to use a handful of commands to take full advantage of the server's features. Below are the base commands you will need along with the general purposes of each command. Most have sub-commands that you can find more about in-game by typing /[cmd] ?.

/kingdom - Kingdom Management - handles kingdom information, titles, deposits, positions, and revolts.

/government - Government Management - displays specific information about different government types

/player - Player Information - displays information about yourself or others

/infamy - Infamy Information - displays global lists about player infamy levels

/bounty - Bounty Information - displays information about current bounties and sets bounties

/home - Teleport to your kingdom's home

/land - Land Management - claim and unclaim protected chunks for your kindom

/roll - Roleplay - Roll a 20 sided die to make decisions - result is broadcasted locally

/fe - Currency - Transfer money around or check your own balance

/jobs - Classes and Economy - Join specialized classes to earn money and rank up in experience

/news - Announcements about changes on the server

/mail - Communication - send and receive mail from any other player on the server, even if they're offline

/tips - Toggle whether you see the periodic in-game gameplay tips

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